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Reasons why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor’s site

Usually visits at subcontractors’ sites are denied by suppliers. There are many reasons behind that, that were explained in a previous article. This situation should ... Continue Reading

Why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Pre-shipment inspection condition: 100% finished and 80% packed

Concerning inspections, it is customary to find that some are willing to take ill-advised measures as opposed to following the suggestion of the inspection company. ... Continue Reading

AQF_La condition d'inspection avant embarquement: des produits 100% finit et 80% emballés selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Reliable inspection result and last minute order specifications

Detailed product specifications are paramount to sourcing in Asia, it is the only way to let the manufacturer and third party inspection company understand the ... Continue Reading

AQF - Résultat fiable d'inspection et spécifications de dernière minute selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Why a supplier refuses inspection in China

In Asia and especially China, product inspections are the norm for quality control. Almost all international buyers perform an external inspection before shipping and paying ... Continue Reading

AQF - Porqué un proveedor declina una inspección en China según el Quality control blog
Purchase Process

Reliability of the suppliers at the China fairs

With the October fairs season coming, most of the buyers are looking forward to find new potential suppliers who are able to meet their current ... Continue Reading

AQF_Confiabilidad de los proveedores en las ferias en China según el Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table

For a reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table, some specific conditions should be respected. Otherwise the buyer is taking a lot of risks.If ... Continue Reading

AQF_Reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table
Inspection Process

How to use the AQL table: the conditions

Now that we have a clear idea about its definition and role, we should focus on understanding how to use the AQL table. As a ... Continue Reading

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How Do I Verify My Asian Supplier?

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at the China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC) wrote up an interesting article about the most common question they ... Continue Reading

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Asia Sourcing Dangers of 2012

Asia Sourcing Danger #1: Supplier email hacking We are seeing more and more Asia sourcing professionals falling for the scam where a 3rd party hacks ... Continue Reading

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AQSIQ and Inspections in China

In the past few years, the Chinese government has been cracking down on non-compliant inspection agencies. Legally, to perform inspections in China, foreign inspection companies ... Continue Reading