AQF is a third party quality control company offering inspection and audit services in 14 countries in Asia since 2007. Every day we strive to deliver QC solutions that enable our clients to meet challenging time-to-market while optimizing their Supply-chain in the long run. We work hand in hand with them, sharing our product manufacturing and quality control expertise keeping in mind our objective: end-consumer’s satisfaction.

With the Quality Control Blog, we want to demonstrate our engagement in making the sourcing world safer to protect consumers and meet their needs. By being present on the ground, in the country of origin of the goods, we are able to provide advanced tools and resources to importers, retailers, e-retailers and buying offices, manufacturing consumer goods in Asia.

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Claire Piccinno

After experiencing critical issues with bad manufacturing quality, Claire decided to learn more about quality control and started to work in the field since 2009. She is now AQF's Marketing Manager.

Camilo Tafurth

Camilo is our Customer Service Manager for the Latin American Market since 2007. Before joining AQF, Camilo spent 4 years in the logistics business focusing on customer management and sales development.