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Отбор для инспекции: упакованная, не упакованная продукция

We have already learned about the limits of the level of production during an inspection before shipment to ensure its reliability, «Inspection before shipment: production levels.» But there is another important condition which must take into account how the selection is carried out for inspection.

During the preparation of the protocol inspection first step is to determine the sample size based on the table AQL. The second step — is to determine how the selection will be made for inspection.

Sampling for inspection: where to choose designs?

This is a very important issue, which is usually neglected buyers. Sampling should be carried out on finished products: first, packaged goods, and then — not packed, if it is available. When ordering inspection during manufacture or inspection prior to shipment, it is desirable to have the buyer and not the number of packaged products packaged at the time of inspection.

Example: selection procedures for inspection

To order 5000 units inspection before shipment ordered under the following conditions: 100% finished products and 90% packed. This means that when the inspector arrives at the factory, at least 4,500 units should be finished and packed. The remaining amount should be finished and packed.

Based on AQL level II, the most frequently used level of the standard, the inspector checks the sample size of 200 units:

  • 180 units are selected from the pack and finished products
  • 20 units selected from not packed and finished products

These conditions — the recommended standard procedure, however, each has its own importer: importers may prefer to focus only on the finished and packaged products. It is necessary to specify the time of ordering the inspection.


In case the number of products, the delivery time of the inspection, the inspector is less than checking at a factory, it is clearly indicate the report, to inform the customer.


In the end, for a reliable inspection the most important aspect is that the number of produced and packaged products, available for inspection, this is what has been agreed with the supplier when ordering the service quality control. Otherwise the result of the inspection may be misleading, particularly for inspection before shipment, as already explained in an article in last Wednesday.


And you specify their terms supplier and independent inspection company?


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