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Reasons why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor’s site

Usually visits at subcontractors’ sites are denied by suppliers. There are many reasons behind that, that were explained in a previous article. This situation should ... Continue Reading

Why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

My factory does the QC – trust the cat to keep the cream?

“My factory does the QC” is a phrase used by two types of buyers: the most experienced and the least experienced buyers. The FQC (Final ... Continue Reading

My factory does the QC for me
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Pre-shipment inspection condition: 100% finished and 80% packed

Concerning inspections, it is customary to find that some are willing to take ill-advised measures as opposed to following the suggestion of the inspection company. ... Continue Reading

AQF_La condition d'inspection avant embarquement: des produits 100% finit et 80% emballés selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Why a supplier refuses inspection in China

In Asia and especially China, product inspections are the norm for quality control. Almost all international buyers perform an external inspection before shipping and paying ... Continue Reading

AQF - Porqué un proveedor declina una inspección en China según el Quality control blog
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Risks in doing business in China

It is the well-known factory of the world, a place where all kinds of products can be sourced. However, we are all aware there are ... Continue Reading

AQF_Risks of doing business in China
Inspection Process

After Product Inspection: Sealed Boxes Secure?

The purpose of a after product inspection is to ensure that an importer gets the goods that they expect. After product inspections, many importers will ... Continue Reading

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Why Sourcing & QC Do Not Mix

In the past, we posted the article 3 reasons why QC inspections can’t be done by your agent. While it holds true that inspections should not ... Continue Reading

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Social Audit: Forced Labor in China

We have written a few times in the past about the value of Social Audit for imports from Asia. Never more has this been apparent than ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Inspections in Asia: Confirmed or Unannounced?

Because of increasing risk and increasingly clever factories, some importers are now asking for unannounced inspections in Asia at their suppliers. But is this kind ... Continue Reading

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Warning: Dont mess with Bangladeshi suppliers!

In a few recent visits of Bangladeshi suppliers , both by company management and inspectors, AQF’s team found young children working in these factories. While not ... Continue Reading

AQF_Bangladesh inspections delays due to a nationwide strike