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International mother language day of Bangladesh

Tomorrow, February 21st, we will celebrate the international mother language day of Bangladesh. With the globalization and modernization some local languages are disappearing. However some ... Continue Reading

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Bangladesh inspection delays due to a nationwide strike

Bangladesh regularly suffers strikes. The latest one started on October 27th and has ended yesterday, October 29th. As most of the strikes in Bangladesh, there ... Continue Reading

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Bangladesh Eid al-Adha holidays

Today is the first day of the Bangladesh Eid al-Adha holidays. The Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the willingness of prophet to sacrifice his son. This ... Continue Reading

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Bangladesh labour laws update

Bangladesh labour laws update have been announced by the government following several tragic incidents in factories of the country. The new regulations cover four themes: ... Continue Reading

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Eid Mubarak everyone!

Today is a very special day for all our muslim friends, colleagues, suppliers and clients in Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Turkey. Maybe some of ... Continue Reading

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Risks in doing business in China

It is the well-known factory of the world, a place where all kinds of products can be sourced. However, we are all aware there are ... Continue Reading

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Why quality inspection cost over 250 USD per day

Some importers ask why our quality inspection cost is “so expensive”. One of them even told David Fisher, our account manager in Boston, that he could ... Continue Reading

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Rana Plaza, Prevention actions & Social Audit

Lately, Bangladesh went through tragic moments. An accident in Rana Plaza textile factory costs many people’s life. AQF team would like to express its condolences to ... Continue Reading

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Sourcing in Bangladesh: Breakdown of costs

If you are sourcing in Bangladesh or even in China or elsewhere, have you ever wondered where your money goes? Check out this graph showing ... Continue Reading

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Warning: Dont mess with Bangladeshi suppliers!

In a few recent visits of Bangladeshi suppliers , both by company management and inspectors, AQF’s team found young children working in these factories. While not ... Continue Reading

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