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A quality inspection company usually offers the possibility to control all kinds of consumer goods. How can they have such product know-how?

In a previous article, Inspectors : Generalists or specialists, part of the recipe has been revealed. However, there is another secret to ensure the success of any particular product inspection.

How can a quality inspection company have such wide product know-how with generalists QC inspectors?

Because within the quality inspection company team there are engineers capable to understand a product and its specifications.
Trained engineers should be the only ones able to digest every specific detail of an order. They are also responsible to prepare a comprehensive inspection protocol for the inspectors. It is thanks to their expertise the QCs are able to perform a good and precise inspection job!

So, most important when selecting the quality inspection company for controlling your goods is to know what kind of staff is preparing the inspection protocol. The service level will vary greatly, depending on this fact.

Did you ever consider this criteria when selecting your quality control supplier?
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