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5 Reasons to Perform a Manufacturing Audit in Asia

A Manufacturing Audit is a comprehensive yet cost-effective way to make sure your vendor is reliable and offers quality products whether you’re just beginning to ... Continue Reading

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Choosing A Quality Control Company in China

In one of the previous article, we discussed what quality control inspections (or third party) are. In this post, we take a step further and ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

What Are Third Party Inspections?

We’ve all come across the term third party inspections in one way or the other. Some are well familiar with it, while others may still ... Continue Reading

third party inspections
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5 Steps to Successfully Deal with Suppliers in Asia

The frenzy of April’s trade shows is far away now and you collected many contacts for a potential supplier deal in Asia. What do you ... Continue Reading

5 steps to successfully deal with suppliers in Asia
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Sourcing in Asia – 5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid

When sourcing in Asia, we all face certain challenges; every project is unique with its own pitfalls to take care off. Protect yourself against these ... Continue Reading

AQF_Aprovisionamiento en Asia - 5 grandes errores a evitar
Testing and Standards

How to comply with EU vacuum cleaner regulation

The European Union has introduced labelling requirements and power restrictions on vacuum cleaners, starting on September 1st, 2014. The new regulation affects the maximum electrical ... Continue Reading

AQF_ Comment se conformer à la réglementation de l'UE pour les aspirateurs? selon le Quality Control Blog
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7 Great Reasons to Visit the MEGA SHOW 2015 Edition

What’s the best way to start the coming 2016 business year on a good note? For lots of retailers and wholesalers worldwide it is to ... Continue Reading

7 buenas razones para visitar el MEGA SHOW 2015
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4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015

It’s all about tech these days. With people all over the world eagerly awaiting new product releases and sharing innovative ideas, the consumer electronics industry ... Continue Reading

4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015
Quality Management

Reasons why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor’s site

Usually visits at subcontractors’ sites are denied by suppliers. There are many reasons behind that, that were explained in a previous article. This situation should ... Continue Reading

Why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor by the Quality Control Blog
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Best way to send product specifications to China suppliers

When placing an order with a china supplier, sending product specifications is essential. They are one of the key elements to ensure the success of ... Continue Reading

Enviar especificaciones de producto a proveedores en China