Inspection Process

Fabric roll measurement during an inspection

Fabric rolls are controlled following the widely known 4 points system; however, there are also other details checked during an inspection, such as the product’s ... Continue Reading

Fabric rolls measurement during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

My factory does the QC – trust the cat to keep the cream?

“My factory does the QC” is a phrase used by two types of buyers: the most experienced and the least experienced buyers. The FQC (Final ... Continue Reading

My factory does the QC for me
Inspection Process

Alternative fabric GSM check during an inspection

The fabric GSM check is one of the most basic checkpoint to be performed by the quality control inspector during an inspection of product made ... Continue Reading

AQF_Solution alternative au test de contrôle du poids GSM sur du textile lors d'une inspection selon le Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

The LED trend in China keeps growing, factories receive more and more demands. The quality is sometimes skipped to maintain the agreed deadline, it is ... Continue Reading

AQF_ test de source lumineuse pour l'inspection de LED en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Inspector bribery, how to avoid the red pocket?

When selecting a third party company to perform quality inspections in Asia, the recurrent questions are: how can this quality control company avoid inspector bribery? ... Continue Reading

AQF, avoid inspector bribery
Quality Management

Quality inspection company product know-how

A quality inspection company usually offers the possibility to control all kinds of consumer goods. How can they have such product know-how? In a previous ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Quality Control’s 3 I’s: Independence, Impartiality & Integrity

One of the important reasons why buyers send a 3rd party quality control company to inspect their shipment is for the ability to provide independent, ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Monitoring Quality Control Inspectors

Quality Control inspectors are the most important resource for an inspection company; therefore to have reliable service, the inspectors must have the right behavior: loyal, ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Inspections in Asia: Confirmed or Unannounced?

Because of increasing risk and increasingly clever factories, some importers are now asking for unannounced inspections in Asia at their suppliers. But is this kind ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Inspectors: Generalists or Specialists?

We often get questions from clients about the experience of inspectors. Many are looking for an inspector with specific experience in a certain target product. ... Continue Reading