Purchase Process

What Is Quality Control For Importers Sourcing In China

When your business entails importing products manufactured in China, it's vital to incorporate a quality control process in the factory you work with. Even the best managed factory might not always produce a perfect batch, so a robust quality control plan should be used to ensure your specifications and quality expectations are met within each...

Inspection Process

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabric

The color fastness test is one of the most popular, in the textile industry, during a first article inspection, production inspection or pre-shipment inspection. However, ... Continue Reading

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabrics by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Reliable inspection result and last minute order specifications

Detailed product specifications are paramount to sourcing in Asia, it is the only way to let the manufacturer and third party inspection company understand the ... Continue Reading

AQF - Résultat fiable d'inspection et spécifications de dernière minute selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Quality inspection company product know-how

A quality inspection company usually offers the possibility to control all kinds of consumer goods. How can they have such product know-how? In a previous ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

Safety Class Inspection, IEC 61140

IEC 61140: 2010 defines electronic and electrical product safety classes. Product inspections ensure that our suppliers use the right cables and sufficient insulation as agreed in ... Continue Reading