Purchase Process

5 Reasons to Perform a Manufacturing Audit in Asia

A Manufacturing Audit is a comprehensive yet cost-effective way to make sure your vendor is reliable and offers quality products whether you’re just beginning to ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

What Are Third Party Inspections?

We’ve all come across the term third party inspections in one way or the other. Some are well familiar with it, while others may still ... Continue Reading

third party inspections
Quality Management

Interpreting the percentage of defects from the AQL result

When reading the AQL result of an inspection report, it is quite natural to calculate the % of defects over the sample size and then ... Continue Reading

Interpreting the percentage of defects from the AQL result by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

My factory does the QC – trust the cat to keep the cream?

“My factory does the QC” is a phrase used by two types of buyers: the most experienced and the least experienced buyers. The FQC (Final ... Continue Reading

My factory does the QC for me
Inspection Process

Helping the supplier in improving the quality of goods: production monitoring

The initial goods are inspected and the earliest quality issues are identified so that corrective measures can be taken by the supplier. However, the supplier ... Continue Reading

Helping the supplier in improving the quality of goods- production monitoring by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

On-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection

Vacuum cleaners are in the news recently because of EU new regulations. Laboratory tests and product inspections help importers and manufacturers to meet the requirements. ... Continue Reading

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Quality Management

3 steps to secure imported products quality and their shipment

The Chinese market is offering huge business opportunities thanks to its production capacities, know-how in a wide range of products and affordable prices. However, every ... Continue Reading

AQF_AQF_3 étapes pour sécuriser la qualité des produits importés et leur livraison selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Proactive quality control and quality assurance

The term quality control is often reduced to pre-shipment inspection for most buyers. Of course, performing even one inspection may save lots of money and ... Continue Reading

AQF - control de calidad proactivo y aseguramiento de calidad según el quality control blog
Inspection Process

What is a during production inspection for?

A wide range of inspection services are offered to the buyer in order to control the goods along the production process and before their shipment. ... Continue Reading

AQF_E¿A qué sirve una inspección durante la producción? según el Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

What does AQL 2.5 mean ?

The term “AQL 2.5” forms part of hundreds of purchase orders sent to Chinese manufacturers however what does AQL 2.5 mean? Buyers and suppliers understand ... Continue Reading

AQL 2.5