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Why Should You Adapt Your Furniture Quality Control Procedure For The Peak Season (Part 1)

During the peak season, which starts in November and finishes right before Chinese New Year, the furniture industry is hectic. You may be one of those businesses trying to produce your next collection in record time while maintaining the quality as per your customers’ expectations. However, the quality risks increase dramatically during this period. What...

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6 Dates To Know When Manufacturing Before Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year holidays are almost upon us. February 15th is the official starting date which means that all factories will close, and nothing will enter or exit the facilities until the end of the holiday period. To protect your supply chain and avoid any disruption to your order when manufacturing before Chinese New Year,...

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Quality Control In China ahead of Chinese New Year

When Chinese New Year comes (8th February 2016), China literally turns off. For two to three weeks, factories cease to work normal hours and production ... Continue Reading

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Best of the Quality Control Blog 2014

The year 2014 has been a real success for the Quality Control Blog and this is thanks to all of you. We are proud to ... Continue Reading

Le meilleu du Quality Control Blog 2014
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Warnings: production issues before CNY

The Chinese New Year (CNY) 2015 is officially celebrated from February 18th to 24th, 2015. These dates mark the end of the year of the ... Continue Reading

Aviso: problemas de producción antes del año nuevo chino segun el Quality Control Blog
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China factory production before Chinese national holiday 2014

Time and again the Chinese national day in October seems to surprise manufacturers and buyers alike. The factories in China start to feel the effects ... Continue Reading

AQF - Fabricación en China antes de la fiesta nacional 2014 según el Quality Control Blog
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Chinese New Year celebration testimonial

The Chinese New Year celebration is a special time for all Chinese people. To learn more about the Chinese culture, Sandra is sharing with us ... Continue Reading

AQF_Chinese New Year celebration testimonial
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Chinese New Year quality risks

We are getting closer to the biggest season’s greetings in China: the Chinese New year! It represents the start of the year according to the ... Continue Reading

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Happy Chinese New Year!

At Chinese New Year, All machines stand still while hundreds of millions travel home to their families. While fireworks lighten the night, we hope that your ... Continue Reading

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Chinese New Year and Production Delays

Happy New Year from AQF! While most of the West has just come back from more than a week of holiday, your suppliers in China ... Continue Reading