Quality Management

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

International importers buying from Asia are often asked to assure the quality of their goods: after all, importers must legally take full responsibility for the ... Continue Reading

AQF - Garantía de calidad vs. Control de calidad según el Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Quality inspection of multiple references: what changes?

In one of our past articles, Checking Multiple Product Types in One Inspection, we explained the benefits of not mixing multiple products in one quality ... Continue Reading

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Inspections in Asia: Confirmed or Unannounced?

Because of increasing risk and increasingly clever factories, some importers are now asking for unannounced inspections in Asia at their suppliers. But is this kind ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Behind the Scenes: What happens before, during and after an inspection?

What happens before, during and after an inspection?   For clients, it is often a surprise to hear how much goes into an inspection besides ... Continue Reading