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Quality inspection of multiple references: what changes?

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog

In one of our past articles, Checking Multiple Product Types in One Inspection, we explained the benefits of not mixing multiple products in one quality inspection. But, for further evidence, see below what steps in the process are or are not affected by having multiple product types checked at once.

Quality Inspection steps not affected

  • Inspection preparation and coordination
  • Traveling and introduction meeting

 Quality Inspection steps that may possibly be affected

  • Quantity check
  • Cosmetic/ AQL checks

 Quality Inspection steps that will definitely be affected

  • Review of specifications
  • Drawing of cartons and samples
  • Checking product specifications
  • Checking labeling and marking
  • On-site testing
  • Inspection reporting
  • Packing and unpacking

Clearly, beyond the oversights in quality that may occur from checking too wide an array of product types in one day, you must also consider the fact that each of the above steps will likely be affected, leading to significantly less time for checking each piece.

In order to ensure safe and effective quality inspections, make sure that you or your inspection agent has ample time to review the above points, and that you inspect different product lines in different days.


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