Inspection Process

Inspector bribery, how to avoid the red pocket?

When selecting a third party company to perform quality inspections in Asia, the recurrent questions are: how can this quality control company avoid inspector bribery? ... Continue Reading

AQF, avoid inspector bribery
Quality Management

Quality Control’s 3 I’s: Independence, Impartiality & Integrity

One of the important reasons why buyers send a 3rd party quality control company to inspect their shipment is for the ability to provide independent, ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Monitoring Quality Control Inspectors

Quality Control inspectors are the most important resource for an inspection company; therefore to have reliable service, the inspectors must have the right behavior: loyal, ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Factories sabotaging inspectors: What you need to know

While most factories are accustomed to, and generally are welcoming to quality control agents coming in and out, some are not so open and make ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

When the factory accuses the inspector of seeking bribes

Some suppliers, from time to time, accuse our inspectors of being too tough. They claim that our staff is looking for money. In 95% of cases, this is an attempt to discredit us because they don't like our findings.

Inspection Process

Inspectors or Bribe Takers?

In some inspection firms, inspectors often accept bribes from factories. What do the best best QC firms do to prevent this risk?