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5 Steps to Successfully Deal with Suppliers in Asia

The frenzy of April’s trade shows is far away now and you collected many contacts for a potential supplier deal in Asia. What do you ... Continue Reading

5 steps to successfully deal with suppliers in Asia
Quality Management

Reasons why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor’s site

Usually visits at subcontractors’ sites are denied by suppliers. There are many reasons behind that, that were explained in a previous article. This situation should ... Continue Reading

Why goods should be inspected at the subcontractor by the Quality Control Blog
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Quality issues in manufacturing: negotiation with the supplier

In addition to goods inspection, we often believe that a third-party quality control company could help to negotiate with the supplier some improvements on quality ... Continue Reading

AQF_Quality issues in manufacturing-supplier's negotiation
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Factory Agreement based on Golden Sample?

Smart importers are always looking for ways to safeguard themselves from factory pitfalls. Many will make QC manuals for the factory, and some will even ... Continue Reading

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Chinese suppliers: don’t make them lose face!

When you deal with Chinese suppliers, make sure you don't do anything that causes them to "lose face". On the opposite, you can earn extra points easily. Here is a simple guide to this complex concept.