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Desiccants to protect goods against humidity

Desiccants are made to protect goods against humidity while stored and transported. They can be placed in the product’s individual packaging or in the container ... Continue Reading

Desiccants to protect goods against humidity by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

China manufactured goods affected by moisture

What a bad surprise to find out that goods or cartons are full of moisture at their arrival in the country of destination. As per ... Continue Reading

AQF_Mercancía afectada por la humedad, de fabricación China según el Quality Control Blog
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Well… That sucks!

  Just the other day, this ship ran aground off a reef in New Zealand. This ship held over 1300 containers, many holding hazardous materials. ... Continue Reading

AQF_Transport damage during shipment
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Protecting your imports from humidity

During the past year, several of our clients encountered serious damages to their products due to humidity issues. We cover list of things which are ... Continue Reading

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