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Find reliable suppliers: online activity and Asia Quality Focus partnership and Asia Quality Focus are collaborating to offer an online forum activity on the alibaba platform to discuss “how to find reliable suppliers?”. Asia Quality Focus experts are responsible for interacting with the buyers to share their knowledge and provide tools for a safer sourcing in Asia.

Know your Suppliers Inside Out | June 24th-28th

Find reliable suppliers: factory audits

On the alibaba platform AQF experts have compiled the most important facts about audits:
– Why are audits so popular?
– What should a third party company check during an audit?
– What can we buyers do ourselves?
During this week, new articles will be published daily. Join us and learn more!

Join the discussion, Pose Questions to AQF experts, Share your experience!

Any questions or topic related to factory audit are welcome starting from now!
On June 27th and 28th, the AQF experts will be available all day to provide useful answers and tips to find reliable suppliers:
– Figo Zhao, Operations Manager
– Vicky Cheng, Senior Auditor
– Habib Rkha, Quality manager

There are some prizes to win such as coupons for inspection or audit services! ;)

And you: are you ready to join us?


AQF Team

We are a multicultural team of experts working together to secure import from Asia. Quality Control Blog allows us to share our expertise with the people in the industry, it is an exciting project! Meet the AQF team. PS: We are are always searching for new talented colleagues, feel free to contact us! ;)

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