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How to avoid quality problems: clear product specifications

AQF_How to avoid quality problems - clear product specificationsHow to avoid quality problems?
We already know the role of the purchase order and the information it should include. However, to be efficient, it has to be well written and clear product specifications are mandatory. They strongly influence the way the supplier (and the inspector) understand the buyer’s needs. Continue reading

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AQL table definition and role

AQF_AQL table definition_Acceptance-Quality-LimitAll buyers should clearly have the AQL table definition in their mind while purchasing in China and all over Asia. Even though it is mentioned in purchase orders and used during product inspections, the AQL table definition and role remain very often unclear. A deeper understanding ensures better quality control of the goods and, consequently, safer sourcing. Continue reading

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Choosing the right AQL table inspection level

AQF_Choosing the right AQL table inspection levelConsumer goods importers perform shipment inspections on a determined sampling size  with the AQL table: the one commonly used by the professional in-house QCs or third-party inspection companies. The AQL table offers the possibility to choose between three sample sizes called “inspection level”. However, for most of the buyers, the choice is difficult. How to choose the right AQL table inspection level? What are the differences? Continue reading