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Buddha in factories in China: Culture of Worship

AQF_Guan Yu Buddha in factories in China.jpgIt is quite common to meet a big buddha in the factories in China. Each factory can choose the buddha they like the most. One of them is Guan Yu, also called Guan Gong (Lord Guan) ou Guan Di (Emperor Guan). There are also Guan Yin buddha and Shakyamuni buddha. What do they represent? Why are Buddha in factories in China? Continue reading

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Work flow of an inspection day in China

AQF_Work flow of an inspection day in ChinaJust before Chinese New Year the days are very intense, there are a lot of inspections to perform day after day. Timing is important. However do we really know the work flow of an inspection day in China? Let’s try to clarify it by sharing a real story: a 2 man-day inspection of an electronic item performed together with Erigor few days ago. Continue reading

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Supplier Quality Management system: selection criteria

AQF_Supplier Quality Management system - selection criteriaToday most of the companies in the world are implementing a proper Quality Management System based on the worldwide recognized international standard ISO 9001. This standard is used by all kinds companies, including third party inspection companies, who care about reaching their client’s highest satisfaction. The suppliers’ Quality Management Systems are one of the most important criteria of selection for a buyer. Continue reading

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General and special inspection levels of the AQL table

General and special inspection levels of the AQL tableAs a matter of fact, the AQL table is a tool that determines the quality level of inspected goods. Without it, the inspector would be unable to perform an inspection properly. There are two different sample sizes applied during an inspection. They are determined by the general and special inspection levels of the AQL table. One or the other is used depending on the detail checked. Continue reading

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Chinese New Year quality risks

AQF_Chinese New Year quality risksWe are getting closer to the biggest season’s greetings in China: the Chinese New year! It represents the start of the year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. We are leaving the year of the snake to start the year of the horse. For buyers, this season is synonymous of stress: during Chinese New Year quality risks inscreases. Continue reading

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How to avoid quality problems: clear product specifications

AQF_How to avoid quality problems - clear product specificationsHow to avoid quality problems?
We already know the role of the purchase order and the information it should include. However, to be efficient, it has to be well written and clear product specifications are mandatory. They strongly influence the way the supplier (and the inspector) understand the buyer’s needs. Continue reading