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Best of China Sourcing Information Center ( CSIC ): June 2012

This month we saw a lot of great content from our partner, the China Sourcing Information Center ( CSIC ), who posts great blogs that give advice to businesses working in China. CSIC can be your go-to source for expert advice about China sourcing, whether you’re an experienced buyer or not. In June, CSIC answered a lot of its reader’s questions on various topics, from how to avoid a scam to finding English-speaking lawyer in China.

Here are our Top 5 favorite articles from this month over at CSIC:

Two reminders of why quality control and product inspections are important—don’t get stuck with defective products like these importers did. But what can you do if you do receive a poor quality shipment?

  1. Poor Quality Goods Already Delivered. What to do?
  2. Factory Didn’t Ship the Right Amount, Now They Won’t Reply.

An alternate way to find suppliers—check out what factories popular brands are using

  1. Piggy Back on the Brands You Love (and your competition!) to Find Great Suppliers

Advice from Chibridge lawyer, Sophie Mao, on setting up a new business in China.

  1. How to set up a New Business?

Lastly, learn about common mistakes made by importers in China and how to avoid them.

  1. The 10 most common mistakes made by foreign buyers in China



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