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What is a during production inspection for?

AQF_E¿A qué sirve una inspección durante la producción? según el Quality Control Blog

A wide range of inspection services are offered to the buyer in order to control the goods along the production process and before their shipment. Each service allows to reach specific objectives for the buyer in term of quality control and quality assurance. What is a during production inspection for? What are the objectives?

What is a during production inspection for?

The during production inspection (DPI) is performed while the goods are on the production lines nevertheless, the goods checked by the QC inspector are the finished goods packed only. The reason is that the objective is to check the quality of the goods that already came out of the production line and already passed the factory quality control.

The during production inspection can be performed at 20% to 60% of the production level which means when 20% to 60% of the goods are finished and packed.

Objective of performing a during production inspection

The objective of performing a during production inspection is to be able to put in place corrective actions on time to avoid any delays on the goods delivery and last minute surprises that are difficult to corrected easily and quickly if not during the production process.

During a production inspection the QC inspector can identify:

  • a production speed slower than expected which can have consequences on the delivery date
  • a quality level over the limits defined and agreed at order confirmation
  • the non respect of the product specifications

Moreover, a good production follow up also guarantee a smooth collaboration with the supplier who will be more willing to improve the goods quality during the production than after.

 And you: based on your experience, what is a during production inspection for?


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