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Verify the CDF (constructional data form) of electrical appliances

AQF - Vérifier le CDF (données de fabrication) pour les appareils électriques selon le Quality Control Blog

Electronics imported into the European Union require importers to store documentation about the product for ten years. This information includes a technical construction file. Therefore, some laboratory tests must be performed by notified body laboratories. To do so, most importers use approval samples for testing however they are unable to assure that the sample tested in the lab is as per the produced and imported goods. In other words: how can buyers verify the constructional data form?

Inspections vs. laboratory testing to verify the CDF (constructional data form)

The constructional data form lists all critical components of an electrical product with additional information as per EN 60335 or other standards. The CDF is often compiled during the approval period of a product design: before mass production.

During the mass production of the goods, Chinese and Asian suppliers are known to change designs and parts (usually to reduce costs). To verify if the CDF applies also to mass production, there are two options:

  • Expensive option: to make new tests via a laboratory of production samples picked up randomly by an independent QC inspector.
  • Cheaper option: to check the internals during a product inspection by requiring the independent and expert inspector to open up the electronic device to verify the presence of all components listed and tested during the initial laboratory test.

Internal construction check during product inspection to verify the CDF

The on-site internal construction check as per standard EN 60335 for electrical appliances can identify changes made by the supplier, leading to non-conformity. Only few samples will be construction-checked: special inspection level 1 is usually applied.

When a CDF is not available for inspection, all critical components should be recorded during the inspection, including pictures for prove.

And you: how do you verify the CDF for your imports from China and Asia?

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4 responses to “Verify the CDF (constructional data form) of electrical appliances”

  1. QA123 says:

    For really low voltage systems such as a bluetooth speaker that operates at 3.7 Volts – does the LVD apply and therefore does it matter if the model number/ manufacturer of internal components is listed as VARIOUS in the CDF table.

    • mm Claire Piccinno says:

      @QA123: during an inspection our objective is to verify the information matches your requirements.

  2. ScottXe says:

    The above is a common practice in pre-shipment inspection in the field. However, it is an impossible task for the inspectors to achieve. The testing laboratories did not check the components inside the sample under the test during their compliance verification and just copy the information provided from their clients into their report. Their clients normally provide the specs of the components, not the markings that appear on the components. Thus the inspectors will find lots of deviations between the CDF table and the actual marking on the components and misled to judge a component change. Is there any better idea how to do the above correctly?

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