Quality Management

Inspection limitation for glued products

During an inspection, a battery of on-site tests are performed in order to check the conformity, functionality and usability of a product. Some tests are ... Continue Reading

AQF_Una limitación de la inspección para productos con pegamento según el Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Alternative Textile humidity test

The textile humidity test is usually performed by any AQSIQ licensed and ISO 9001 certified third party quality control company. It concerns many products with ... Continue Reading

AQF_Textile humidity test on-site and at the office
Testing and Standards

GSM testing method and product inspection

The GSM testing methods are used to measure the material mass (or density) per square meter. GSM comes from “Gram per Square Meter”. It is ... Continue Reading

AQF_GSM testing methods for garments
Inspection Process

Quality inspection of multiple references: what changes?

In one of our past articles, Checking Multiple Product Types in One Inspection, we explained the benefits of not mixing multiple products in one quality ... Continue Reading

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog