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6 Ways to Avoid Disruption on Import Business During Chinese New Year

It is a time of celebration, but for buyers dependent upon sourcing products in China, it is a stressful season. Supply chain disruption on import ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Everything about the Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a quality control procedure carried out at a supplier’s premises by either your QC department or an independent quality control ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

Sourcing in Asia – 5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid

When sourcing in Asia, we all face certain challenges; every project is unique with its own pitfalls to take care off. Protect yourself against these ... Continue Reading

AQF_Aprovisionamiento en Asia - 5 grandes errores a evitar
Testing and Standards

How to comply with EU vacuum cleaner regulation

The European Union has introduced labelling requirements and power restrictions on vacuum cleaners, starting on September 1st, 2014. The new regulation affects the maximum electrical ... Continue Reading

AQF_ Comment se conformer à la réglementation de l'UE pour les aspirateurs? selon le Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Reliability of the tension test for toys

Toys are one of the most complex and risky products to import and to sell. The tension test for toys is part of the EN ... Continue Reading

Reliability of tension test for toys by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

ISO and SAI standards for inspection and audit companies

In essence, a standard is an agreed way of doing something. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or ... Continue Reading

AQF - Les standards ISO et SAI pour les sociétés d'inspection et d'audit selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

What does AQL 2.5 mean ?

The term “AQL 2.5” forms part of hundreds of purchase orders sent to Chinese manufacturers however what does AQL 2.5 mean? Buyers and suppliers understand ... Continue Reading

AQL 2.5
Testing and Standards

WEEE regulation for importers and manufacturers in China

The WEEE regulation is represented by the black and white crossed bin which means that the product should subject to a separate collection at the ... Continue Reading

AQF_Régulation WEEE pour les importateurs et fabricants en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Toys standards and the EN 71 standard part 1-2-3 of 13

The EN 71 standard for the safety of toys made or imported into the European Union specifies the tests to perform to comply with the European ... Continue Reading

AQF - Estándares para juguetes y norma EN 71 parte 1-2-3 de 13 según el Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

How to comply with EN 71 regulation when importing toys?

This article is an introduction of the EN 71 regulation and how importers can comply with the regulation. Non-compliant toys are dangerous and have high ... Continue Reading

AQF_Jouets : réglementation EN 71 selon le Quality Control Blog