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6 Pieces Of Advice For Importers To Control Quality Remotely

As an importer, it can be difficult to manage a supplier relationship in China from thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean quality control ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

What Is Quality Control For Importers Sourcing In China

When your business entails importing products manufactured in China, it's vital to incorporate a quality control process in the factory you work with. Even the best managed factory might not always produce a perfect batch, so a robust quality control plan should be used to ensure your specifications and quality expectations are met within each...

Quality Alerts

6 Ways to Avoid Disruption on Import Business During Chinese New Year

It is a time of celebration, but for buyers dependent upon sourcing products in China, it is a stressful season. Supply chain disruption on import ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

How to comply with EU vacuum cleaner regulation

The European Union has introduced labelling requirements and power restrictions on vacuum cleaners, starting on September 1st, 2014. The new regulation affects the maximum electrical ... Continue Reading

AQF_ Comment se conformer à la réglementation de l'UE pour les aspirateurs? selon le Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

Best way to send product specifications to China suppliers

When placing an order with a china supplier, sending product specifications is essential. They are one of the key elements to ensure the success of ... Continue Reading

Enviar especificaciones de producto a proveedores en China
Inspection Process

The importance of instruction manuals for inspections

The instruction manual is one of the most important details provided to the customer. Its sole purpose is to ensure the proper use of the ... Continue Reading

Importance of instruction manual for inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

Battery protection for torches or any electronic product

Torches can carry various types batteries: AA, AAA, etc; rechargeable or dynamo. One of the quality issues that importers typically worry about is the life ... Continue Reading

Battery protection for torches or any electronic product by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Container loading supervision quantity check

Container loading supervision is a service offered by most official third party inspection companies. It occurs at the very last stage of the production process, ... Continue Reading

Container loading supervision quantity check by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Polybag packaging for goods produced in China, is it enough?

The packaging of goods is one of the most significant product specifications. It has a direct influence on the ultimate quality of the goods. It ... Continue Reading

Embalaje con polybag para mercancía fabricada en China según el Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

On-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection

Vacuum cleaners are in the news recently because of EU new regulations. Laboratory tests and product inspections help importers and manufacturers to meet the requirements. ... Continue Reading

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