Testing and Standards

Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

The LED trend in China keeps growing, factories receive more and more demands. The quality is sometimes skipped to maintain the agreed deadline, it is ... Continue Reading

AQF_ test de source lumineuse pour l'inspection de LED en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

What does AQL 2.5 mean ?

The term “AQL 2.5” forms part of hundreds of purchase orders sent to Chinese manufacturers however what does AQL 2.5 mean? Buyers and suppliers understand ... Continue Reading

AQL 2.5
Inspection Process

Sampling for inspection: packed, unpacked goods

We already learned about the production level limits during a pre-shipment inspection to ensure its reliability: “Pre-shipment inspection: production level“. There is another important condition ... Continue Reading

AQF_Sampling for inspection- packed or unpacked goods
Inspection Process

Pre-shipment inspection: production level

A pre-shipment inspection is the last opportunity to identify and correct issues “on-time”. This kind of inspection checks the goods quality and conformity to the ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

AQL Inspections & Helpful Information

AQL Inspections & Helpful Information. AQL (ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003)) helps minimize the amount of time (and money) spent on quality control while maximizing efficiency, based ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

The origin of AQL standard: An Historical View

Acceptable Quality Limit standard (AQL) is used by many Quality Control Inspection firms to determine a proper sampling size and the number of allowable defects. While ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Checking multiple product types in one Inspection?

Many of our clients ask us to inspect three or four different products in one inspection. But is this a safe idea to make multiple ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

How are cartons and products selected for inspection?

  As the process seems not to be clear for all our clients, we have decided to shed light on this important subject. How do ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Inspection Levels: what do they mean?

It is important for importers to know about inspection levels. It represents their options regarding the depth of QC inspections (i.e. it determines how many samples are selected by the inspector).

AQF_General and special inspection levels of the AQL table
Quality Management

Level III, or 100% check: when it makes sense

In some cases, it makes more sense to draw more samples than what the statistics recommend "for most cases". There are 2 options: level III, and 100% check.