Inspection Process

Pre-shipment inspection condition: 100% finished and 80% packed

Concerning inspections, it is customary to find that some are willing to take ill-advised measures as opposed to following the suggestion of the inspection company. ... Continue Reading

AQF_La condition d'inspection avant embarquement: des produits 100% finit et 80% emballés selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Quality inspection report: draft or final version?

After performing the quality inspection in the factory, the inspector prepares the draft report on-site and reviews with the factory manager. However a draft report ... Continue Reading

AQF_Quality inspection report-draft or final by the Quality Contorl Blog
Inspection Process

Quality inspection of multiple references: what changes?

In one of our past articles, Checking Multiple Product Types in One Inspection, we explained the benefits of not mixing multiple products in one quality ... Continue Reading

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Alerts

Why AQF’s inspection reports are now being released next-day

If you are among our clients, you have certainly received an email from us explaining that very soon the “Same-Day inspection reports” will become an ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Behind the Scenes: What happens before, during and after an inspection?

What happens before, during and after an inspection?   For clients, it is often a surprise to hear how much goes into an inspection besides ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

How inspection firms work: flexibility vs. reliability

Some inspection firms promise a lot of flexibility to their clients. Unfortunately, this "we try harder" attitude necessarily deteriorates reliability. There is no way around it.

How to identify if the factory works with subcontractors by the Quality Control Blog