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Quality Management

China manufactured goods affected by moisture

What a bad surprise to find out that goods or cartons are full of moisture at their arrival in the country of destination. As per ... Continue Reading

AQF_Mercancía afectada por la humedad, de fabricación China según el Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Risks when reworking or replacing goods

When performing a pre-shipment inspection the non-conformities identified usually oblige the supplier to rework or replace the goods that the buyer can not accept. However ... Continue Reading

AQF_Riesgos al mejorar o remplazar mercancía según el Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

What is the defect sorting service for

After a failed pre-shipment inspection, many buyers are unsure about how to deal with the situation and what measures to take: ship, reject, negotiate, re-inspect ... Continue Reading

AQF_Pourquoi recourrir au service de triage des défauts selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Understanding the term general defect in an inspection report

When performing an inspection based on the AQL samping rule, the quality inspector usually checks the workmanship of the manufactured goods and reports the defects ... Continue Reading

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Quality Management

What to do after a failed inspection

The pre-shipment inspection is the last chance for the buyer to detect defects and identify unacceptable quality before the shipping of the goods. What to ... Continue Reading

AQF - Que faire avec un résultat d'inspection FAIL selon le Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

When buying in China becomes both cheaper and more expensive

Prosperous China is in the news again with a sustained high inflation rate, rising incomes and stronger regulations. Surprisingly, as a consequence, producer prices are ... Continue Reading

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Quality Alerts

Hazardous Chinese Imports (RAPEX)

RAPEX is a European warning system for the fast information exchange between EU member states on dangerous products (except food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices).The latest ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Defect Sorting Service

This is the time where we get to introduce you to one of Asia Quality Focus’ unique added-value services, the Defect Sorting service (DSS)!

AQF_Classification des défauts de contrôle qualité en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Factory Barcode Issues

  During inspections, clients frequently ask us to scan their products’ barcodes to ensure that they are correct. When scanning these codes, we are ensuring ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

Substandard scriptures: Clearly no one is immune to quality issues

Another day, another story about quality issues in China. Iranians are causing quite a stir because of typo-filled Qurans, made in China. In this case, ... Continue Reading