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How can you adapt your furniture quality control procedure to limit the risks? (Part 2)

In our previous article, we identified the main furniture quality control risks when manufacturing in Asia during the peak season. We discussed common defects, reasons for production delays, and bribery issues. This complementary article aims to provide solutions to adapt your furniture quality control procedure to protect your supply chain and guarantee consumer satisfaction. How...

Quality Management

Why Should You Adapt Your Furniture Quality Control Procedure For The Peak Season (Part 1)

During the peak season, which starts in November and finishes right before Chinese New Year, the furniture industry is hectic. You may be one of those businesses trying to produce your next collection in record time while maintaining the quality as per your customers’ expectations. However, the quality risks increase dramatically during this period. What...

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Overcoming Quality Challenges When Selling On Amazon FBA

As an Amazon FBA seller, you get to take advantage of a number of perks to help grow your business in a way you otherwise might not be able to. Most importantly, the Amazon FBA business is a great opportunity to avoid managing your inventory and shipping it yourself. You also save money and space...

Quality Management

6 Pieces Of Advice For Importers To Control Quality Remotely

As an importer, it can be difficult to manage a supplier relationship in China from thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean quality control ... Continue Reading

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What Is Quality Control For Importers Sourcing In China

When your business entails importing products manufactured in China, it's vital to incorporate a quality control process in the factory you work with. Even the best managed factory might not always produce a perfect batch, so a robust quality control plan should be used to ensure your specifications and quality expectations are met within each...

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5 Steps to Successfully Deal with Suppliers in Asia

The frenzy of April’s trade shows is far away now and you collected many contacts for a potential supplier deal in Asia. What do you ... Continue Reading

5 steps to successfully deal with suppliers in Asia
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Quality Control In China ahead of Chinese New Year

When Chinese New Year comes (8th February 2016), China literally turns off. For two to three weeks, factories cease to work normal hours and production ... Continue Reading

quality control in china
Inspection Process

Difference between major and minor scratch marks

The overall appearance of a product is an important criteria in the purchasing decision. For hardline, electronics or electrical products, one of the most common ... Continue Reading

Difference between major and minor scratch marks by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Helping the supplier in improving the quality of goods: production monitoring

The initial goods are inspected and the earliest quality issues are identified so that corrective measures can be taken by the supplier. However, the supplier ... Continue Reading

Helping the supplier in improving the quality of goods- production monitoring by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Pre-shipment inspection condition: 100% finished and 80% packed

Concerning inspections, it is customary to find that some are willing to take ill-advised measures as opposed to following the suggestion of the inspection company. ... Continue Reading

AQF_La condition d'inspection avant embarquement: des produits 100% finit et 80% emballés selon le Quality Control Blog