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How can you adapt your furniture quality control procedure to limit the risks? (Part 2)

In our previous article, we identified the main furniture quality control risks when manufacturing in Asia during the peak season. We discussed common defects, reasons for production delays, and bribery issues. This complementary article aims to provide solutions to adapt your furniture quality control procedure to protect your supply chain and guarantee consumer satisfaction. How...

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What Are Third Party Inspections?

We’ve all come across the term third party inspections in one way or the other. Some are well familiar with it, while others may still ... Continue Reading

third party inspections
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How to avoid a failed pre-shipment inspection

A failed pre-shipment inspection result usually involves delivery delays and financial consequences. Therefore the main question is: how do you avoid a failed pre-shipment inspection ... Continue Reading

AQF - Evitar un resultado de inspección FAIL según el Quality Control Blog
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Factory audits on China trader suppliers: their reluctance

When sourcing in China, there is the choice between working directly with a factory, via a trader or an agent. In any case, it is ... Continue Reading

AQF_Factory audits on China trader suppliers- reluctance by the Quality Control Blog
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What is a corrective action plan after a factory audit

The CAP (corrective action plan for a factory audit) is a key to help suppliers to improve. A CAP can be issued after a factory ... Continue Reading

AQF_Plan d'action correctif après un audit d'usine selon le Quality Control Blog
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Supplier quality management in China: lessons learned database

Part of good supplier quality management in China is the supplier’s control of non-conformities and defects that may be encountered during production. Discovery sessions and ... Continue Reading

AQF_Supplier quality management in China - lessons learned database by the Quality Control Blog
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Factors affecting the textile color fastness

The textile color fastness is the capacity of a dyed textile to keep its original aspect without loosing color when being wet, washed or exposed ... Continue Reading

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Check quality before shipment, not after delivery!

Importers should inspect the quality of their products while they are still in the factory. That's when the buyer has leverage. After payment and shipment, it is too late for any corrective action.