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5 Reasons to Perform a Manufacturing Audit in Asia

A Manufacturing Audit is a comprehensive yet cost-effective way to make sure your vendor is reliable and offers quality products whether you’re just beginning to ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

What Are Third Party Inspections?

We’ve all come across the term third party inspections in one way or the other. Some are well familiar with it, while others may still ... Continue Reading

third party inspections
Quality Management

My factory does the QC – trust the cat to keep the cream?

“My factory does the QC” is a phrase used by two types of buyers: the most experienced and the least experienced buyers. The FQC (Final ... Continue Reading

My factory does the QC for me
Quality Management

Performing a factory audit to select a reliable supplier

Finding suppliers of interest is fairly easy. Buyers should visit fairs, we are currently in the highest season for trade fairs in China and Hong ... Continue Reading

AQF_Effectuer un audit d'usine afin de sélectionner un fournisseur fiable selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Factory audits and inspections in Malaysia

After a long boom period, Malaysian economy is growing again as of 2012. The country’s main direct export partners are Singapore, China and Japan. The ... Continue Reading

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Quality Management

Supplier Quality Management system: selection criteria

Today most of the companies in the world are implementing a proper Quality Management System based on the worldwide recognized international standard ISO 9001. This ... Continue Reading

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Purchase Process

How to avoid quality problems: clear product specifications

How to avoid quality problems? We already know the role of the purchase order and the information it should include. However, to be efficient, it ... Continue Reading

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Testing and Standards

SVHC Import Regulations in Europe

Following the adoption of REACH in 2007 and the success of the initial list of SVHC, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added 54 new ... Continue Reading

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Quality Management

Inspections in Asia: Confirmed or Unannounced?

Because of increasing risk and increasingly clever factories, some importers are now asking for unannounced inspections in Asia at their suppliers. But is this kind ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

Factory Agreement based on Golden Sample?

Smart importers are always looking for ways to safeguard themselves from factory pitfalls. Many will make QC manuals for the factory, and some will even ... Continue Reading