Quality Management

6 Pieces Of Advice For Importers To Control Quality Remotely

As an importer, it can be difficult to manage a supplier relationship in China from thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean quality control ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

How to comply with EU vacuum cleaner regulation

The European Union has introduced labelling requirements and power restrictions on vacuum cleaners, starting on September 1st, 2014. The new regulation affects the maximum electrical ... Continue Reading

AQF_ Comment se conformer à la réglementation de l'UE pour les aspirateurs? selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

3 steps to secure imported products quality and their shipment

The Chinese market is offering huge business opportunities thanks to its production capacities, know-how in a wide range of products and affordable prices. However, every ... Continue Reading

AQF_AQF_3 étapes pour sécuriser la qualité des produits importés et leur livraison selon le Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

WEEE regulation for importers and manufacturers in China

The WEEE regulation is represented by the black and white crossed bin which means that the product should subject to a separate collection at the ... Continue Reading

AQF_Régulation WEEE pour les importateurs et fabricants en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

Toys industry relationship with toy manufacturers in China

Toy manufacturers in China are famous for providing dangerous products however they are the main suppliers of the toys industry worldwide. Why the toy industry’s ... Continue Reading

Toys industry relationship with toy manufacturers in China_Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Laboratory test failed on imported goods

TüV annually performs independent laboratory tests on randomly selected toys. This year the laboratory chose fifty Inflatable Water Toys and Baby Swim Seats. Twenty failed ... Continue Reading

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Purchase Process

Quality issues in manufacturing: negotiation with the supplier

In addition to goods inspection, we often believe that a third-party quality control company could help to negotiate with the supplier some improvements on quality ... Continue Reading

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Testing and Standards

How to request products certification?

Some suppliers say that their products are conformed with CE, EMC, Reach, RoHS and other specifications. Laboratory Testing by an official “notified body” is necessary ... Continue Reading

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Testing and Standards

Product inspection standard humidity test

Following the article “Protecting your imports from humidity” one question came out: What are the level limits for a product inspection standard humidity test? Before ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

Purchase Order Guidelines For Imports

After problems with their suppliers, many people then look to their Purchase Order and discover issues within. After a botched order, buyers are left wondering ... Continue Reading