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7 Great Reasons to Visit the MEGA SHOW 2015 Edition

What’s the best way to start the coming 2016 business year on a good note? For lots of retailers and wholesalers worldwide it is to ... Continue Reading

7 buenas razones para visitar el MEGA SHOW 2015
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4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015

It’s all about tech these days. With people all over the world eagerly awaiting new product releases and sharing innovative ideas, the consumer electronics industry ... Continue Reading

4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015
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Hailing a Taxi in Hong Kong

When visiting suppliers or trade fairs in Hong Kong we usually need a taxi to move from one point to another. Most of the taxis ... Continue Reading

AQF_Hailing a taxi in Hong Kong
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AQF at Global Sources – Hong Kong

In conjunction with the China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC), AQF has enjoyed a fruitful experience at Global Sources – Hong Kong the past two weeks ... Continue Reading

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Meeting Quality Control experts: Global Sources , April 2012

April is a busy month in Hong Kong, if you are an importer! As you might have read in other posts, Global Sources has organized ... Continue Reading

AQF_Hong Kong Electronic fair by Global Sources
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Global Sources Shows – 2012

Global Sources, one of our fellow sponsors of the China Sourcing Information Center, as you may know puts on some of the leading sourcing Global ... Continue Reading