Testing and Standards

Alternative Textile humidity test

The textile humidity test is usually performed by any AQSIQ licensed and ISO 9001 certified third party quality control company. It concerns many products with ... Continue Reading

AQF_Textile humidity test on-site and at the office
Testing and Standards

GSM testing method and product inspection

The GSM testing methods are used to measure the material mass (or density) per square meter. GSM comes from “Gram per Square Meter”. It is ... Continue Reading

AQF_GSM testing methods for garments
Quality Management

Humidity in containers: prevention actions

As a matter of fact even though the goods have passed the pre-shipment inspection there is still a risk to damage them during transport due ... Continue Reading

AQF_Humidity in Containers - prevention actions
Quality Management

Sewing defects in garments and bags

During the quality control of garments and bags, sewing defects are identified most often. There are different types that will be described in this article. ... Continue Reading

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Quality Management

Factors affecting the textile color fastness

The textile color fastness is the capacity of a dyed textile to keep its original aspect without loosing color when being wet, washed or exposed ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

Textile color fastness tests: ISO 105

The first time we started to talk about textile colorfast was in 1916. It is an old story in the textile industry! Since then some ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Production Samples for Textiles

Li & Fung, the largest sourcing company in the world, plans to remove 50,000 production sample prototypes in their creation process of clothes, saving millions ... Continue Reading

Quality Alerts

Hazardous Chinese Imports (RAPEX)

RAPEX is a European warning system for the fast information exchange between EU member states on dangerous products (except food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices).The latest ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Protecting your imports from humidity

During the past year, several of our clients encountered serious damages to their products due to humidity issues. We cover list of things which are ... Continue Reading

protecting imports humidity
Inspection Process

How to inspect the quality of garments?

What sequence of inspections do we advise our clients to follow, when they purchase garments? Read about the pros and cons of the main QC steps.