Inspection Process

Fabric roll measurement during an inspection

Fabric rolls are controlled following the widely known 4 points system; however, there are also other details checked during an inspection, such as the product’s ... Continue Reading

Fabric rolls measurement during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabric

The color fastness test is one of the most popular, in the textile industry, during a first article inspection, production inspection or pre-shipment inspection. However, ... Continue Reading

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabrics by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Alternative fabric GSM check during an inspection

The fabric GSM check is one of the most basic checkpoint to be performed by the quality control inspector during an inspection of product made ... Continue Reading

AQF_Solution alternative au test de contrôle du poids GSM sur du textile lors d'une inspection selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

How to ensure color conforms in production

How can an importer of textile products make 100% sure the factory uses fabric in the right color? Here is a series of tips that any buyer can follow.

Inspection Process

How to judge color conformity during an inspection

This is a presentation of the Pantone book, one of the basics in the QC inspector's toolkit. When the importer does not send conform samples, this is a must to validate color conformity.