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Inspection Process

Container loading supervision quantity check

Container loading supervision is a service offered by most official third party inspection companies. It occurs at the very last stage of the production process, ... Continue Reading

Container loading supervision quantity check by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Drop test of loaded containers (cartons), ASTM D5276

ASTM D 5276 – 98(2009) is a standard test method for drop test of loaded containers (cartons) by free fall. It is the reference for ... Continue Reading

Drop test of loaded boxes method, ASTM D5276 by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Transport damage during shipment

How many times have we received shipments with broken goods? How many times did textiles smell bad? And how many times did we ask our ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

After Product Inspection: Sealed Boxes Secure?

The purpose of a after product inspection is to ensure that an importer gets the goods that they expect. After product inspections, many importers will ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Quality inspection of multiple references: what changes?

In one of our past articles, Checking Multiple Product Types in One Inspection, we explained the benefits of not mixing multiple products in one quality ... Continue Reading

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

How are cartons and products selected for inspection?

  As the process seems not to be clear for all our clients, we have decided to shed light on this important subject. How do ... Continue Reading