Inspection Process

Pre-shipment inspection condition: 100% finished and 80% packed

Concerning inspections, it is customary to find that some are willing to take ill-advised measures as opposed to following the suggestion of the inspection company. ... Continue Reading

AQF_La condition d'inspection avant embarquement: des produits 100% finit et 80% emballés selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Final random inspection at a warehouse

When buying from trading companies in Asia, buyers are often asked to perform the quality control inspection at a warehouse. This solution is best to ... Continue Reading

AQF_Inspección final aleatoria en un almacén según el Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Supplier requirements for a factory audit based on ISO 9001

A factory audit should gather useful and comprehensive information for buyers to get to know the factory. The two main objectives are usually to check ... Continue Reading

AQF - Les exigences du fournisseur pour un audit d'usine basé sur la norme ISO 9001 selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

How to use the AQL table: the conditions

Now that we have a clear idea about its definition and role, we should focus on understanding how to use the AQL table. As a ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Quality Control’s 3 I’s: Independence, Impartiality & Integrity

One of the important reasons why buyers send a 3rd party quality control company to inspect their shipment is for the ability to provide independent, ... Continue Reading

Quality Alerts

Chinese Labor Laws: Maternity Leave

On April 28,2012, China’s State Council published the Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Employees. The aim is improve Chinese labor practices to enhance ... Continue Reading

China labor laws
Purchase Process

Social Audit: Forced Labor in China

We have written a few times in the past about the value of Social Audit for imports from Asia. Never more has this been apparent than ... Continue Reading

Quality Alerts

Well… That sucks!

  Just the other day, this ship ran aground off a reef in New Zealand. This ship held over 1300 containers, many holding hazardous materials. ... Continue Reading

AQF_Transport damage during shipment
Inspection Process

When the factory accuses the inspector of seeking bribes

Some suppliers, from time to time, accuse our inspectors of being too tough. They claim that our staff is looking for money. In 95% of cases, this is an attempt to discredit us because they don't like our findings.