Testing and Standards

Reliability of the tension test for toys

Toys are one of the most complex and risky products to import and to sell. The tension test for toys is part of the EN ... Continue Reading

Reliability of tension test for toys by the Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

Sourcing fashion garment suppliers in Asia and other continents

Asia is the current hot spot for all fashion garment buyers. High quality and low quality garments are purchased in this region of the world. ... Continue Reading

Sourcing fashion garments in Asia by the Quality Control Blog
Purchase Process

Supplier requirements for a corporate social audit based on SA 8000

The corporate social audit, most commonly called social audit or CSA, is suitable for buyers interested in verifying if the factory of interest respects the ... Continue Reading

Blog_Exigences des fournisseurs pour un audit social basé sur la norme SA 8000 selon le Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Reasons for non-compliance and recalls of products made in China

RAPEX and other sources publish long lists of products that are found unsafe and need to be recalled. Toys are very often in the lists ... Continue Reading

AQF_Reasons for non-compliance and recalls of products made in China by the Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Product laboratory testing in China for certification – an introduction

Laboratory testing in China for certification for import to Europe, USA, Australia or South America, to meet national regulations and international standards can be tough. ... Continue Reading

AQF_Product laboratory testing in China for certification - an introduction by the quality control blog
Quality Alerts

Bangladesh labour laws update

Bangladesh labour laws update have been announced by the government following several tragic incidents in factories of the country. The new regulations cover four themes:

AQF_Bangladesh labour laws
Purchase Process

Ethical manufacturing in Asia: WRAP

Established in 2000, WRAP is one of the largest certification programs focusing on ethical manufacturing. Most of the buyers and suppliers interested in this certificate ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

IEC 61140 – Safety Classes Description

The Quality Control Blog recently discussed the safety classes of IEC 61140. The last article showed why it matters and how to ensure compliance. Three safety ... Continue Reading

Quality Alerts

Rana Plaza, Prevention actions & Social Audit

Lately, Bangladesh went through tragic moments. An accident in Rana Plaza textile factory costs many people’s life. AQF team would like to express its condolences to ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

Monitoring Quality Control Inspectors

Quality Control inspectors are the most important resource for an inspection company; therefore to have reliable service, the inspectors must have the right behavior: loyal, ... Continue Reading