Inspection Process

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabric

The color fastness test is one of the most popular, in the textile industry, during a first article inspection, production inspection or pre-shipment inspection. However, ... Continue Reading

Color fastness test on dyed yarn fabrics by the Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

How to control color fastness on garment

Are the fabric properties a factor concerning the textile color fastness? Joanna asked this question on the Quality Control Blog few days ago. The answer ... Continue Reading

How to prevent color fastness on garment by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Product specifications: How to avoid misunderstandings and quality issues

Buying from China is quite a bit more complex than pointing out a few products from a supplier’s website and telling them to make the ... Continue Reading

Product specifications: How to avoid misunderstandings and quality issues by the Quality Control Blog
Testing and Standards

Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

The LED trend in China keeps growing, factories receive more and more demands. The quality is sometimes skipped to maintain the agreed deadline, it is ... Continue Reading

AQF_ test de source lumineuse pour l'inspection de LED en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

Role of the swatches for furniture inspection

When performing any kind of inspection, it is always better to provide the approval sample to the QC inspector. It ensures a more reliable inspection ... Continue Reading

AQF_Rol de muestras de color en la inspección de muebles segun el Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Factors affecting the textile color fastness

The textile color fastness is the capacity of a dyed textile to keep its original aspect without loosing color when being wet, washed or exposed ... Continue Reading

Testing and Standards

Textile color fastness tests: ISO 105

The first time we started to talk about textile colorfast was in 1916. It is an old story in the textile industry! Since then some ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

PANTONE for Import Color Definition

Today, many buyers are importing goods from Asia with a special attention to the color specifications, especially for industries such as textile, gifts & premium ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

How to ensure color conforms in production

How can an importer of textile products make 100% sure the factory uses fabric in the right color? Here is a series of tips that any buyer can follow.

Inspection Process

How to judge color conformity during an inspection

This is a presentation of the Pantone book, one of the basics in the QC inspector's toolkit. When the importer does not send conform samples, this is a must to validate color conformity.