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What Is Quality Control For Importers Sourcing In China

When your business entails importing products manufactured in China, it's vital to incorporate a quality control process in the factory you work with. Even the best managed factory might not always produce a perfect batch, so a robust quality control plan should be used to ensure your specifications and quality expectations are met within each...

Inspection Process

On-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection

Vacuum cleaners are in the news recently because of EU new regulations. Laboratory tests and product inspections help importers and manufacturers to meet the requirements. ... Continue Reading

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Testing and Standards

Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

The LED trend in China keeps growing, factories receive more and more demands. The quality is sometimes skipped to maintain the agreed deadline, it is ... Continue Reading

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Inspection Process

Reliable inspection result and last minute order specifications

Detailed product specifications are paramount to sourcing in Asia, it is the only way to let the manufacturer and third party inspection company understand the ... Continue Reading

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Testing and Standards

On-site tests during a furniture inspection related to BS EN 581

During a furniture inspection a wide list of tests are performed in order to check the product usability and conformity to the buyer’s requirements. Also, ... Continue Reading

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Supplier requirements for a corporate social audit based on SA 8000

The corporate social audit, most commonly called social audit or CSA, is suitable for buyers interested in verifying if the factory of interest respects the ... Continue Reading

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Inspection Process

Ceramic Goods Inspection Checklists & Potential Defects

While an importer’s specs and list of expected product defects are vital to perform an adequate inspection, reputable inspection firms like AQF have internal inspection ... Continue Reading

Quality Management

PANTONE for Import Color Definition

Today, many buyers are importing goods from Asia with a special attention to the color specifications, especially for industries such as textile, gifts & premium ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Defect Sorting Service

This is the time where we get to introduce you to one of Asia Quality Focus’ unique added-value services, the Defect Sorting service (DSS)!

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Inspection Process

The QC checklist: a must for importers

Meeting with clients, I noticed that many misunderstand the meaning of “QC checklist ” in the QC process. this word is often used inaccurately, so ... Continue Reading