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Product Testing: 5 key differences between lab tests and on-site tests during inspection

There is often confusion between Product Testing in a laboratory compared with testing carried out during an inspection. While both have a common objective to ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

Everything about the Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a quality control procedure carried out at a supplier’s premises by either your QC department or an independent quality control ... Continue Reading

Purchase Process

5 Steps to Successfully Deal with Suppliers in Asia

The frenzy of April’s trade shows is far away now and you collected many contacts for a potential supplier deal in Asia. What do you ... Continue Reading

5 steps to successfully deal with suppliers in Asia
Quality Management

Interpreting the percentage of defects from the AQL result

When reading the AQL result of an inspection report, it is quite natural to calculate the % of defects over the sample size and then ... Continue Reading

Interpreting the percentage of defects from the AQL result by the Quality Control Blog
Quality Management

Hit, hit, miss – quality of repeat orders

“I spoke with our Director and as we have dealt with this supplier before, we are not going to do quality control this time.” Many SME importing from ... Continue Reading

AQF_Touché, touché, raté - la qualité lors des renouvellements de commandes selon le Quality Control Blog
Inspection Process

What does AQL 2.5 mean ?

The term “AQL 2.5” forms part of hundreds of purchase orders sent to Chinese manufacturers however what does AQL 2.5 mean? Buyers and suppliers understand ... Continue Reading

AQL 2.5
Inspection Process

General and special inspection levels of the AQL table

As a matter of fact, the AQL table is a tool that determines the quality level of inspected goods. Without it, the inspector would be ... Continue Reading

AQF_General and special inspection levels of the AQL table
Inspection Process

Reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table

For a reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table, some specific conditions should be respected. Otherwise the buyer is taking a lot of risks.If ... Continue Reading

AQF_Reliable pre-shipment inspection based on the AQL table
Inspection Process

How to use the AQL table: the conditions

Now that we have a clear idea about its definition and role, we should focus on understanding how to use the AQL table. As a ... Continue Reading

Inspection Process

AQL table definition and role

All buyers should clearly have the AQL table definition in their mind while purchasing in China and all over Asia. Even though it is mentioned ... Continue Reading