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Supplier requirements for a factory audit based on ISO 9001

AQF - Les exigences du fournisseur pour un audit d'usine basé sur la norme ISO 9001 selon le Quality Control Blog

A factory audit should gather useful and comprehensive information for buyers to get to know the factory. The two main objectives are usually to check if the factory is legal and to verify if the supplier is capable of producing at good quality levels based on the ISO 9001 standard. For the success of the audit, the supplier requirements for a factory audit should be clearly defined, as well as the audit scope.

Audit scope of an extensive factory audit based on ISO 9001

The purpose of the factory audit is to check the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001 and social accountability basic requirements. The audit scope covers:

  • Design Control
  • Purchasing Control
  • Storage Management
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Production Control
  • Final product inspection & testing
  • Control of measuring & testing equipment
  • Resource management
  • Continual improvement
  • Social environment responsibility

Supplier requirements for a factory audit – Prior to the audit date

Audited suppliers are asked to prepare specific documentation for the auditor which will be checked by the auditor during the factory audit:

  • Business license
  • Export license
  • Product certificates if any
  • ISO 9001 and other certificates (including SA 8000, ISO 14001 etc.)
  • Fire certificate
  • Organization chart
  • Employees’ records
  • Major manufacturing machines & measuring equipment list
  • Quality Manual and Procedures

All suppliers are well informed about the audit scope prior to the audit date and during the opening meeting. They are strongly invited to provide full cooperation during the factory audit: showing the original documents required, leading the auditor to visit all concerned production lines, warehouses, inspection/testing rooms, sample room and other required areas.

And you: which additional requirements for a factory audit do you have?


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