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Strikes in Bangladesh

AQF_Bangladesh inspections delays due to a nationwide strike

There are two different types of strikes in Bangladesh:

1. The “hartal” demonstrations
On Wikipedia, the hartal is defined as “a mass protest often involving a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops, courts of law as a form of civil disobedience”. This type of protest exists in many countries, but this article discusses the protests of Bangladesh.

When today’s Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, many of the locals frequently felt humiliated, particularly when Pakistan decided to impose their Ourdo language in the whole country. This action was strongly resisted and some Bengalis (call “Freedom Fighters”) started military training in India.

This resistance group gradually grew and allowed the country to achieve independence in 1971. The leader of this resistance group was assassinated by an opponent, who in turn was murdered years later. Family members of these two leaders created political parties that have been fighting for power since the 1990s.

Regular demonstrations, the “hartals,” are organized by the opposition against the Bangladesh government. Typically, all the workers affiliated with the party calling for a hartal do not go to work.

Any foreigner who is in Bangladesh at the time of a hartal should most definitely stay indoors and away from the streets, for their own safety. Factory bosses usually stay inside for protection as well.

2. Strikes that are linked to labor conflicts, rather than national politics

Sometimes, the workers strike against their employer. There are several common reasons for strikes in Bangladesh:
• Salaries are too low
• Some workers were murdered
• Someone died in an accident

The Bangladeshi generally accept low working standards as factory workers, but they expect the factory to pay their salary on time. Workers know their rights, and they don’t hesitate to go on strike.

The Bangladeshi generally accept their low social condition as factory workers, but they expect the factory to pay it on time. Workers know their rights, and they don’t hesitate to get on strike.


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One response to “Strikes in Bangladesh”

  1. Bond Bd says:

    Very poor writing!

    Instead of writing too much I would request readers to Google for learning Bangladesh as lot of trustworthy and fact based writing you will find in the net.

    To : 
    Sandrine Lemaistre 
    – I hate hartal due to it’s nature
    – How come you find link freedom fighter, 1971 and hartal ?
    – Apparel/Textile workers cant demonstrate their political view at work place. You have no info about this.- Diplomatic Zone, Apparel Sectors and Emergency Services are free from Hartal.

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