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Soccer ball promotional item inspection for Brazilian world cup 2014

AQF_Inspection de ballons promotionnels pour la coupe du monde au Brésil 2014 selon le Quality Control Blog

The Brazilian world cup 2014 is also bringing much more business to the Chinese factories. A clear increase of customized products with the colors of the Brazilian world cup has been noticed on product such as soccer balls. What kinds of tests are applied during a soccer ball promotional item inspection? Which are the typical defects found?

Soccer ball inspection on-site tests

Here are the main tests performed during a soccer ball promotional items inspection based on the special inspection level of the AQL table:

  • Size and weight measurement
  • Smell test
  • Inflating test: as per above picture, the product should inflate easily
  • Bounce test
  • Rupture test
  • Adhesive test
  • Abuse test
  • Material check and internal check
  • Stretch test
  • Seam strength test
  • Stitches per inch test
  • Deflation test
  • Leakage check in the air and in water
  • Maximum pressure check

Some of those tests require specific tools the supplier should provide to the QC inspector: Inflator, air pressure meter, ruler, weight scale,thickness gauge, 3M tape.

Main defects found during a soccer ball promotional item inspection

Most of the defects that are usually found during a soccer ball promotional item inspection are the following ones. They are usually the consequence of a fast production speed and a limited time spent to manufacture the soccer ball:

  • Poor stitches
  • Hole marks
  • Printing oil marks
  • Uncut threads
  • Poor printing

And you: would you add anything else regarding the soccer ball promotional item inspection?

Photo taken during a soccer ball promotional item inspection during the inflating test.


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