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Risks of inspecting several products in one inspection

Risks of inspecting several products in one inspection by the Quality Control Blog

There are fixed costs associated with product inspection services, which can represent a small or high percentage of the value of the goods. To effectively reduce this percentage to meet the minimum, particularly for multiple product orders, it is common practice to request a bulked inspection. What are the risks involved in inspecting several products in one inspection?

What are the risks of inspecting several products in one inspection

  • A smaller sample size

Inspecting several products in one inspection means that we consider the total order quantity (all references included) as the reference to define the sample size to be inspected (the sample size is based on the general inspection level II). The sample size is then split proportionally between references.

This way of defining the sample size is different from the common procedure used by the third party inspection companies. The common procedure consists of defining a sample size per product reference.

Let’s consider we have to perform an inspection of 50K assorted garments:
10K pants, 10K t-shirts and 30K sweaters:

Based on the general inspection level II and usual inspection companies’ procedure, the sample sizes to be inspected should be 315 pants, 315 t-shirts and 315 sweaters. For a multiple product inspection, the total sample size is determined based on the total order quantity (50K), thus 500pcs in total. This is split as per the references. For example: 100 pants, 100 t-shirts and 300 sweaters.

  • Higher risks of not finding the main defects

The fact that the sample size is reduced per product reference will automatically affect the reliability of the inspection result.

As per the above example, the inspection of pants and t-shirts is clearly affected: 100 pieces are inspected instead of 315pcs. Only 1/3 of the sample size is inspected. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to identify the main product defects.

  • QC less focused on the product

Inspecting several products at once is complex for the inspector. The more products he has to check, the more specifications he has to digest and control within the same day. This inscreases the likelihood that some details, with regards to the products, may go overlooked.

And you: do you know any other risks of inspecting several products in one inspection?

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