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QC inspector tools for product inspection

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On-site tests are part of the standard product inspection protocol. When we talked about the reliability of the on-site tests recently, comparing them to the laboratory testing, we also mentioned that some of the tests are performed by the inspector using their own tools. Which tools are asked? What are they for? Here is the list of the QC inspector tools for product inspection that should be brought by the QC inspector for on-site tests.

Mandatory QC inspector tools for product inspection

  • QC Chop, 检验员印章: useful to sign the draft report together with the factory
  • Inspection company Tape, 胶带: to close the inspected cartons and differentiate them from the others
  • Arrow Sticker, 不合格品指示标签: to show clearly the defect on the picture taken
  • Sample slip, 样品标示标签: a sticker indicating the sample type (approval, defective or proper samples) as well as the client details and order reference number
  • 3M tape (Adhesive test), 3M胶带 做粘度测试用: to test the coating resistance
  • Measuring ruler, 卷尺: to measure the product, packaging, export cartons, etc.
  • Laptop, 笔记本: to prepare the report and send it to the headquarter (supervisor)
  • Pantone C, 色卡C: to check the colors conformity
  • Camera, 数码相机: necessary to take pictures and illustrate the inspection report
  • Barcode Reader, 扫描仪: as per above picture
  • Thickness gauge, 厚度计: to check the thickness of a product or material

Other QC inspector tools available depending on the product inspection

  • Pull Gauge, 推拉力计: to test the resistance of a product
  • Grey Scale, 灰度计: to evaluate the color shading between products
  • TPX Pantone, TPX色卡: another color code system, specific for textile
  • Pantone U, 色卡U: to check the colors conformity on products with mat surface
  • Humidity meter (carton), 纸箱湿度测量仪
  • Humidity meter (wood), 木头湿度测量仪
  • Multimeter, 万用表: allows to measure voltage, current, resistance, etc.
  • Caliper, 数量卡尺: to measure a product precisely
  • GSM meter, 克重仪: to measure the material weight per square meter
  • Humidity Tester for textile, 纺织品湿度测量仪

And you: would you recommend other QC inspector tool for inspection to bring to the factory for on-site tests?

Photo taken during a textile product inspection, the QC inspector uses its barcode reader to check the barcode.


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