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Do I need inspections and lab testing?

Lab Testing or product inspections? This blog always extols the virtues of product inspections to check products before they ship to their destination market. As The Quality Control Blog had mentioned in previous articles, inspections focus mostly on the cosmetics, functionality, specs, measurements of the product.

Some importers may ask whether inspectors can also do a whole laundry list of product testing within this one day at the factory. The answer is – it depends. Inspectors can do some simple product testing at the factory, assuming the supplier has the right tools to do so.

The following are examples of some of the simple product testing that often can be done at the factory:

  • Hi-Pot
  • Simple color fastness testing
  • Adhesive test
  • Shrink testing (if factory has washer)
  • Smell test
  • Abuse test

While the above tests are achievable at many factories, more complex testing generally needs to go to outside laboratories. Why? First, while inspectors are highly skilled at catching defects and doing simple testing, complex lab testing is an entirely different skillset. Next, and most importantly, because most suppliers are lacking the expensive and technical machinery to perform these tests.

So, what are the kinds of lab testings that many importers may conduct at laboratories? Some examples include:

  • REACH Testing
  • RoHS Testing
  • Food contact testing
  • AZO Dye Testing
  • Phthalates Testing
  • EN-71 Toy Testing
  • Cadmium Testing


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4 responses to “Do I need inspections and lab testing?”

  1. healthcarensc says:

    I need inspections and lab testing

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    Thanks for sharing this post about the Food Product Testing……

    • mm Claire Piccinno says:

      @Rahul Gupta: it is our pleasure. Feel free to share your expertise about Food Product Testing!


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