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Polybag packaging for goods produced in China, is it enough?

Embalaje con polybag para mercancía fabricada en China según el Quality Control Blog

The packaging of goods is one of the most significant product specifications. It has a direct influence on the ultimate quality of the goods. It should always be carefully spelled out when discussing it between the buyer and the supplier. The polybag packaging for goods produced in China, is the most commonly used; however, is it actually enough to protect the goods?

What is a polybag

The polybag is a transparent and thin plastic bag in which a product and/or its accessories are wrapped individually. The polybag can be open on one side or sealed depending on the product and buyers requirements. It usually serves as an intermediate packaging, then the product is packed in a gift box for instance.

Why use the polybag packaging for goods produced in China?

The polybag is used as a safeguard against damage, in particular scratches. It can also be used to communicate some specific information about the product however it is not its main role.

When sourcing in Asia, specifically China, goods are handled and transported several times. First they are packed into the export cartons. Then the cartons are moved from the production line to the factory warehouse. Finally they are loaded into a container. Afterwards, the container is transported to the seaport/airport by truck and then loaded on to a boat/plane. During the shipment, the goods experience extreme conditions. At the arrival at the port of destination, the container is finally unloaded, only to be loaded (once again) on a truck en route to its final destination: the importer warehouse. During all those steps the products are moving in the export cartons. There are high risks of scratches or breakage on the goods without a proper packaging.

The more a product and its accessories can move and bang together during transport, the more damages it can sustain.

How to avoid broken or scratched goods during transportation

There are various types of polybag packaging available, as well as gift boxes and export cartons. Each play a specific role in the protection of the products during transport.

At the time of the quotation, the supplier already mentions the packaging on offer; however, is it enough to protect the goods? The buyer should check and clearly outline the packaging conditions in the purchase order.

For products and related accessories that can be scratched, for instance, solid products made of glass, acrylic, plastic, shiny materials, etc, it is highly recommended one complement the polybag packaging with a gift box.

Finally, the best way to ensure the packaging conforms to the buyer requirements is to take precautions prior to the shipment of the goods. During a product inspection the inspector verifies the packaging conformity and performs the carton drop test.

And you: what is your experience with the use of polybag packaging for goods produced in China, is it enough?

Photo of scratched plastic pushers for meat slicers. Damage were caused by the transportation. Goods were packed in polybags only.


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