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On-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection

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Vacuum cleaners are in the news recently because of EU new regulations. Laboratory tests and product inspections help importers and manufacturers to meet the requirements. Since product inspections are more frequently done than laboratory tests, specifying the correct on-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection is paramount. Which aspects are most important for the quality control of vacuum cleaners? and which on-site tests?

Quality control for vacuum cleaners: product inspection

During a typical pre shipment inspection performed by a third party or an importer’s in-house QC, all specifications and expectations to the product should be checked:

  • Appearance and workmanship
  • Quantity
  • Colours, Accessories, Labelling, Packaging, Marking, etc.
  • Dimensions: weight and sizes of both, the unit and the packed unit
  • On-site tests

On-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection

On-site tests are for reference and absolutely paramount to understand whether a shipment is acceptable and meets all requirements. The list of on-site tests for vacuum cleaners inspection should always include:

  • Carton drop test
    Simulating the handling of the product at warehouses and in stores. If the unit is damaged at this point, expect loads of returns.
  • Function test
    For the total sample size, a basic function test is required.
  • Real performance and suck power test
    Important to meet EU regulatory requirements.
  • Abuse / Fatigue test
    Functional buttons are pressed twenty times and should operate perfectly at the end.
  • Internal check
    Verify the specification, marking and parameters of the internal important components against the CDF (Construction Data Form).
  • Running test
    Will the product overheat or run normally after four hours of operation?
  • Power consumption test
    Important to meet EU regulatory requirements.
  • Noise level test
    Important to meet EU regulatory requirements.

This list of on-site tests for vacuum cleaners is not at all exhaustive. The standard list of tests varies between inspection companies. Buyers therefore do well in checking that at least the tests shown above are performed.

And you: what kind of on-site tests for vaccum cleaners inspection do you request?


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