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Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

AQF_ test de source lumineuse pour l'inspection de LED en Chine selon le Quality Control Blog

The LED trend in China keeps growing, factories receive more and more demands. The quality is sometimes skipped to maintain the agreed deadline, it is compulsory to perform LED inspections before the shipment of the goods. An adequate quality control on those types of products involves a wide range of on-site tests. The lighting source test for LED inspection in China is one of the most specific.

LED trend is growing in China

LED or Light-Emitting Diodes is one of the innovations that optimize the best the light diffusion. It interests more and more entrepreneurs and investors all over the world and China seems to be one of the best country destination to manufacture those. Using and relying on LED products brings great advantages:

  • High energy efficiency with a very long life cycle either in cold or hot temperatures.
  • LEDs’ usability is large as it can be combined in any shape
  • Power consumption is low compared to traditional source of light.

Lighting source test for LED inspection in China

To perform the lighting source test for LED inspection in China, the factory should provide a specific tool called: integrating sphere.

The purpose of testing the light source (such as LED bulb) is to search and control the LED characteristics:

  • Lumens: an international system, it is the unit of luminous flux of light given out through an angle by a source, (lm)
  • Color Temperature: It would evaluate the color of the light source, expressed in degrees Kelvin (K), from low color temperature (red-yellowish tone) to high color temperature (bluish, cool white, blue cast)
  • CRI: Color Rendering Index is used to evaluate the light quality, judging how well the color is reproduced with 8 distinguished colors by giving a ranking from 0 to 100
  • Real power: It will calculate in Watt (W) the electrical power used by the LED during its operation.
  • PF: Power factor is the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit, dimension less number interval of -1 to 1, expressed in (%)

The test takes several minutes. It is usually performed on 2 pieces per reference but the sampling could be bigger depending on client’s specifications.

Part of the exceptions, this test is performed by the supplier in presence of the QC. Then the quality control inspector checks the results, records it and compares with the client’s specifications.

Warning: the lighting source test for LED Inspection in China is one among others, such as: running test, as well as parts and internal check on wires and soldering, torque test, etc.

And you: how precise are your specifications for lighting source test for LED inspection?

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