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Man-days definition and role in the quality control industry

AQF_Man-days definition and role in the quality control industry

We often talk about “man-days” in the sourcing world but do we really know the man-days definition and its role, specially in the quality control industry? As a matter of fact, it is the main unit of measurement therefore we should clearly understand the meaning of it. 

Man-days definition

This general man-day definition: “a unit of one day’s work by one person” seems to be the most suitable for all cases. In the quality control industry the man-day is considered as a workload unit, which is very similar. From the buyer’s point of view, the “man-day” is a system that allows direct and quick QC cost calculations.

  • “Man”: both women and men work as inspectors. Qualified staff is crucial for reliable quality control. Inspectors spend their time checking products quality and conformity in factories in order to protect the importers’ interests.
  • “days”: A meaningful inspection takes four to six hours. Inspectors should only perform one QC per day, to ensure reliable results.

Man-days role in the quality control industry

  • 1 man-day is one day work for 1 QC,
  • 2 man-days can be: two days work for 1 QC or 1 day work with 2 QCs

Some buyers have their own QCs in Asia, although in a limited number. Therefore most of them have to deal with longer inspection time (up to several days). In contrast, working with third party inspection companies increases flexibility: the inspections can be performed easily in just one day with several QCs.

And you: is the man-days definition clear for you? Feel free to ask us for additional explanations!



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